Decant Restaurant

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There's no one here except me. That means I should get extra-extra good service. :)

Cape Grim beef fillet

Served on a bed of broken baby potatoes and a salad of spinach and ricotta, finished with a sticky balsamic glaze.

Very grim. Especially the broken baby potatoes.

This steak is juicy and soft, but it's not amazing. It's just good. The Cape Grim steak is supposed to be something special. It's also very close to rare, rather than being medium rare.

There's quite a bit of pepper in the smashed potatoes. It's slightly overwhelming, and it gets onto the steak too.

Chocolate parfait

With port-soaked figs and a coffee and chocolate sauce.

As soon as I see this, I have a bad feeling.

The big brown pieces are exactly like regular chocolate ice cream, but slightly lighter. I'm pretty sure the chocolate drizzle on it is just chocolate topping.

The figs don't have any strong Port taste, and there's only two of them. No quality of figs would make this anything other than a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

:( :(