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Roasted Greenslades chicken

With seasonal pods and boulangère.

There’s a lot of camouflage going on on this plate. The first two pieces of chicken are little rolls of meat, with a little bit of green stuff in the middle. The green stuff doesn’t really taste like anything, but the chicken is juicy and tasty on the inside, and crispy on the outside.

The swamp of vegetables is a bit unusual, but it’s interesting enough.

The larger piece of chicken is soft and juicy, but lacks a sauce. A piece of chicken this big can’t be entirely flavoured by a charred skin, so this really did need something extra. I combine it with some green purée stuff I discover on the banks of the vegetable swamp, but it doesn’t really add any flavour.

One piece of chicken-coloured stuff is actually a wedge of potato bake. I have high hopes for this piece of food , but it turns out to be fairly drab. Potato like this really needs a lot of crispiness, but this was just a slab of potato and pepper, with a faint crispiness on the outside in some places.

Winter citrus

This isn’t explained on the menu, so I’ll just see what I get. :)

The large cube is a big slab of toasted marshmallow. It’s sweet and airy, and has the genuine toasted marshmallow taste, but with something citrusy sprinkled on it.

The mandarin pieces seem to be soaked in alcohol, but apparently it’s just vanilla. It tastes nothing like vanilla to me, and is somewhat unpleasant. The orange has a similar infusion.

The yellow layer under everything is a slightly tart lemon paste, with crunchy crumbs in it.

The orange sorbet is sour, tasting very similar to a lemon Calippo ice block, but sourer.

I see the theme in this dish, but a whole spectrum of different citrus tastes and sweetnesses is somewhat odd, at best. After eating the sour sorbet, the lemon layer tastes like custard.

Parking convenient but will cost $8 for 2h down here.
Things hard to find on the foreshore.