Eden Dining Room & Bar

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It's hard to find anything on the Glenelg foreshore. This place is by the bridge.

Hand cut tagliatelle

With lamb ragu, peas & mint.

The thinness and wideness of the tagliatelle gives this a texture and experience very different from regular pasta.

Peas are slightly pedestrian here, and they keep rolling away, but they have a good oar flavour and aren't mushy.

The lamb ragu is very mushy and salty. This masks its true identity as meat somewhat, even though I can see there are chunks of meat here. The ragu turns into a kind of pasta sauce.

That was just a plate of pasta, but it was interesting and tasty enough to be worth eating.

Eton mess

Mulled berry compote & creme Chantilly.

This dessert is majority cream. The Chantilly cream is airy and almost doesn't have a taste. It's not rich or sickening like other cream. It's like very frothy milk, but more solid.

Each mouthful is just a scoop of cream with some potent berry or other, or a piece of meringue in it. It's a similar experience to eating very watery soup, hoping to get something tasty in each spoonful, but more likely just getting water.

:( :(