El Toro Espanol

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Not sure what El Toro Espanol means. My Spanish isn't quite good enough.

It's Tapas here, where you get a few little dishes. I've ordered four.

Lots o' stuff

Patatas Bravas: These are like soft potato chips, but their strange white sauce is a bit off-tasting. It's somewhere between mayonnaise and sour cream, but weaker. 5/10

BBQ Rare Beef: This is more like well-done beef. It's just some pieces of beef, in a kind of slightly sour, nutty oil. I can't work out what it is. The menu says it's garlic in olive oil. 4/10

Asadillo: This bowl of cooked capsicum and onion is nicer, but the onion and cumin flavours are pretty strong. 4/10

Spiced el Toro Beans: These unsurprisingly taste like baked beans. The chickpeas in here don't change that. The chunks of chorizo in here add some interesting texture and spice, but this is nothing extraordinary. 6/10

Crema Catalana

A classic Catalan custard with a toffee sugar crust.

This is like a poor man's creme brulee. The irregular crust is more like sugar than toffee, and doesn't add more than a taste of toffee flavour.

The custard underneath is just a solid block of the most ordinary custard.