Enzo’s Ristorante

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No tables. Other groups waiting for tables. I ask if I can eat Ristorante food in the bar. I can, and I find a table there. Very crafty.


Char-grilled veal escalopes, filled and rolled with pecorino and parsley, on a warm salad. Andrea Bocelli’s favourite dish when he was here in ’04.

I’ll be contacting Mr. Bocelli for a refund if it isn’t good.

Mr Bocelli hasn’t lost a potential fan here. The meat here looked and felt like meat, but was actually a roll of veal with things between the layers. The pecorino and parsley adding a strong cheesy, zesty taste to the meat, without altering the texture. I’m not normally A fan of Gough witlof, but here, he was soft and tangy. The beans and spinach here were infused by a strong taste from the cherry tomatoes.


I can translate that. Baileys-flavoured pannacotta served with cinque stelle vittoria coffee syrup and almond praline. I don’t drink alcohol or coffee, but I’ll make two exceptions for this dessert.

No, I would not like a coffee with this dessert.

That was an amazing combination of flavours. The Baileys pannacotta was subtle and lightly Baileys-flavoured, which made it a perfect companion to the potent coffee syrup. I don’t really like slabs of toffee or praline in desserts, but this was far better than most, though I had to eat it separately.

Highest combined rating so far. Was expecting a crappy pizza.

Barman pesters me with “fill out your details for free dinner for two and free spam draw”, after I pile praise upon his establishment. You don’t get that at Lenzerheide. Oh we’ll, at least the food is excellent.