Enzo's Ristorante

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Currently my highest-rated restaurant. I gave this place two nine-out-of-ten scores last time.

Rigatoni al Ragu d'Agnello

Enzo's own freshly made rigatoni pasta with lamb shoulder ragu'

Helpful older waiter shares my loathing of coriander. :)

The pasta is more textured and wheaty than regular pasta, but is nothing too special. The lamb chunks are full of lamby flavour, and are infused with tomato

With no real components other than the meat, sauce, and pasta, this quickly becomes boring and monotone.

Lemon Cheese Tart

I usually dodge the specials menu, and stock with the tried-and-testedsib menu, but the waiter recommends the cheesecake very strongly, and informs me that it will be added to the regular menu as of next week.

The tart is like a moist, crumbly cake. It has a strong eggy, lemony taste.

The accompany sauce is comprised mostly of fig, but has some extra tang, due to some citrus zest. It's an interesting taste, but it doesn't really go with the tart. The less-interesting dollop of cream stop the tart is probably a much more appropriate accompaniment.

Parking. Is surrounded by paid parking for Entertainment Centre. Park in suburbs.
Fancy, professional service.