Enzo's Ristorante

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Currently my top restaurant, with my previous visits having scores of 9/9 and 6/7.

Parking is difficult here, because the place is ensconced in the Entertainment Centre.

The staff are somewhat unusual here, but that's not a negative. Italian service often leans towards the flamboyant side. :)

Saltimbocca alla Romana

Veal scallopine pan-cooked with white wine, prosciutto and sage, with sautéed spinach and potato, dressed with garlic and olive oil.

The veal is incredibly soft. It's almost spongy. The sage is very strong, and provides a nice kick. The prosciutto adds a salty edge to the meat, and the combination of meats (along with the very soft texture) makes this an unusual experience, and very different to most servings of meat.

The potato and spinach are a major component of the dish, but are nothing special - just cooked vegetables, with maybe some butter and salt.

Marsala e Macadamia

Enzo's own vanilla bean gelati served with a Marsala sauce, topped with roasted macadamia nuts.

My fears are confirmed, when I begin eating this. It's a bowl of ice cream with nuts. Macadamias have a slightly nicer texture than peanuts, but the effect is pretty similar here.

The Marsala sauce is barely detectable, even when I concentrate it. It resembles a tiny dash of golden syrup.

The ice dream is nothing special either. Fancy vanilla ice cream with a punch of vanilla can be great, but this is more along the lines of ice-cream dispenser ice cream, with only sweetness, and a basic dairy taste.

No charge for dessert