Enzo's Ristorante

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This is one of the truly fancy Italian restaurants. It's well-regarded, and was one of my top restaurants from last year.

The bread is good. I eat all three slices, but I get crumbs and olio and all kinds of crap everywhere. I also know that this isn't one of the places that deploy a "crumb brush" between courses, so now I've gotta sit amongst the sporcizia I've made. Ho fatto un gran pasticcio!!!

La bomba calabrese

This contains everything you'd expect in antipasto, but on a piece of bruschetta.

It's s pleasant pile of nondescript mush that tastes mostly of olives.

Costolette d'Agnello a scottadito

The meat at first looks like it needs a sauce, and that this is just s plate of lamb chops. This is actually the case, but it's done very well. The meat is between medium rare and medium, and it has just a hint of something sweet, and a touch of salt.

I have the same expectation of the potatoes. They're just little cubes of potato. However, they turn out to be infused with a mild, herby flavour. I assume these are already-tasty Kipfler potatoes, but if I wasn't looking, I wouldn't know they were potato. I might guess cheese or meat or something.

The spinach is good, but not as good as the lamb or potato. It contains a pleasant garlic taste, but the saltiness isn't as good here. I'd like less salt, and more butter.

Over all, I'm very impressed at the amount of flavour they've managed to put in something so simple.

Potatoes are actually Desiree. I didn't know that people named their vegetables. I hope they didn't get too emotionally attached to them. :(


Traditional Piemontese chocolate and Amaretto biscuit pudding with double cream and Amarena cherries.

I wonder if I can wear Bonet on my head. :) Might get kicked out again. :(

The pudding looks like chocolate, but doesn't taste like it. It's a very mild custard, with a dash of alcohol, much like the alcohol in tiramisu.

The cherries and cream are almost a component by themselves, but I'm pretty sure they're supposed to go with the pudding. The cream adds a bit of depth to the fairly unexciting pudding, but the super-strong and tasty cherries just take over in this case.