Enzo's Ristorante

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This place is a more authentic Italian restaurant. Many of the staff and patrons are Italian, and the menu is one of the confusing Italian ones.

The older waiter spots me, and welcomes me, shaking my hand.

"Buona sera. I can get you a nicer table if you like."

My current table has enough legs, and a solid top, so I decline.

The waitress knows what I've eaten on a previous visit. This is happening a lot lately. More often than not, people know who I am. I'm becoming infamous. :)

Crumbed lamb cutlets

These look like they might need a sauce, but they don't. The meat is juicy, and the crumbling is packed with herby flavours and salt.

The only problem here is there's just a bit too much salt. It doesn't ruin the dish. It's just slightly excessive. The large fried potato chunks are also not very amazing.

Coppa Gelati

The waitress will choose her favourite three flavours.

I don't want to see any lick-marks on my gelati!

On the left is Baci (hazelnut) with Nutella. The gelati itself has a strong hazelnut taste, but it's not really sweet or appealing. The brick of Nutella adds more hazelnut, but its sweetness is just diluted by the less-sweet gelati. 6/10

The fig gelati, on the bottom, has a kind of a simple fig taste. It's like "fig syrup". It has a fig taste, in the same way that strawberry milk tastes like strawberry. 6/10

The right scoop is Black Forest. As interesting as this sounds, it does actually taste like strawberry milk. This sweet, basic flavour isn't particularly interesting. 5/10

Restaurants that serve gelati need to make sure their gelati is at least as good as what you'd get in a cone - and preferably far better.

:( :(
:) :)
Serviccio (in Italian, you can make up your own words.)