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I always manage to get a seat, without booking. That seat may be at a bar, or outside, or as I am now, at a garden table, in a low cane chair, but I always get a seat. :)

My water and OJ don’t seem to be coming. I think I’ve been forgotted out here. :(

All fixed. :)

The menu is all “to share”. I informed them that I don’t like to share, and they said I don’t have to.


Pickled ginger salad.

It arrives quickly, but with a suspicious green herb on top. I ask if it’s coriander, and they bring me a new dish.

That was something of an unusual experience. The beef was very soft, and fell off the bone, but didn’t have that “concentrated meat” taste that slow-cooked meat has. It had a good beefy taste, and the small amount of acidic juice on the plate was extra-tasty.

The ginger here was the same sort you get in a packet of sushi, but in MEGA quantity. It added that gingery tang to the beef, though it was slightly on the strange side, and I needed to pick out an appropriately-sized sliver of ginger for each piece of beef.

A downside here was that there wasn’t actually much beef. There was lots of bone, fat , ginger, and sprouts, but I’m not sure they realised it was under-beefy.


Spanish style fried custard tossed with cinnamon sugar, served with vanilla ice cream.

It’s getting dark out here. There could be coriander in my dessert, and I wouldn’t see it until it was too late. :|

The pastry on the outside if this dessert is thin and crispy, and tastes very much like cinnamon doughnut. On the inside is a fairly mild, white custard. It tastes like semolina custard, but I can’t be sure.

This dessert is simple, and there’s nothing outstanding about it, but custard, cinnamon doughnut, and ice cream are a fairly pleasant combination.

Extensive menu.
Staff helpful.