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My fourth visit to Faraja. The menu doesn't change much here, but that's okay. It's fairly extensive.

Hanger steak

Chargrilled. Cauliflower purée, chilli salt, caper berries.

This is served rare. I didn't used to eat rare meat, but my tastes have now expanded to include all kinds of filth.

The meat is chewy, but has a nice char to it. It's not the main ingredient here, however.

The meat, cauliflower purée, and herb mush go together perfectly. The cauliflower is a creamy base, and the herbs provide a nice tang.

It wasn't immediately obvious to me, but I really like the presentation here. It removes any confusion about what I'm supposed to do, and there's no cutting–just eating. Every mouthful is the same, and they're in a line. There's also a good ratio of vegetables in this dish. The caper berries are a bit superfluous, however. They don't taste much different from the herb paste.


Our own Bailey's and espresso semifreddo , shot of espresso, nip of Frangelico.

Ive eaten everything on the dessert menu. The only thing left is the affogato.

There's a lot of coffee here. It's just a little bit too bitter for the sweetness of the ice cream to neutralise it. Also, it completely overpowers the Frangelico.

Service slow to visit tables. Probably understaffed.