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Friends have randomly decamped to a restaurant, which happens to be fancy enough for me. They will bear witness to my expert feedings.

Tonight will be a tapas kind of a deal. I ask for no coriander, using the high-effectiveness "I'm allergic" trick. :)

Mchuzi wa samaki

African spiced prawn, squid, fish, tomato, rice.

With extra serving of coriander I asked to not have. :) I take it upon myself to excavate it.

The tasty tomato sauce goes nicely with the squid, but the dish is full of mealy rice.

The next course comes. It also contains coriander. The waiter tells me the meat is cooked in it, and it can't be removed. Helen confirms that there's a coriander taste, so I pass on this course.

Sticky beef ribs

Pickled ginger, sprouts.

The slow-cooked meat is tasty, but the pickled ginger is an overpowering and excessive flavour that's not really appropriate for the meat.

On the plus side: no coriander.


Rachel can't resist the fame and kudos that comes with appearing on The Feed Report.

Roast heirloom tomato, pesto, goats curd.

The goat's curd adds an unusual and offputting taste to what would otherwise be a tomato salad. I don't mind goats curd, but it needs to be with meat or something else that can handle it.

The polenta is crispy on the outside, but in huge chunks, it's fairly tedious.

I've had every dessert at Faraja, but we order the Tasting Plate, which I rated 7/10 last time I was here.

:( :(
Coriander capers, again. :)