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This place is on the corner of South Road and Bradman. It didn't used to be fancy, but the restaurant part is fairly fancy now. Attached are some pokie and pub areas.

Wild Turkey American honey beef burger

Fluffy sesame seed bun, pancetta, mizuna, brie, Wild Turkey American Honey pear chutney, tomato & beef burger pattie.

The menu here is a variety of things in different price brackets. All the fancy stuff was inappropriate, or I'd has it before, so I'm trying this burger. It sounds fancy enough.

The meat doesn't have any texture. It's just mushy. It doesn't taste bad, but it doesn't contribute any taste or texture. The cold tomato is slightly unusual. It retains its coldness in the hot burger.

This is largely a pile of pleasant tasting feed, with the only really discernable flavour being a bit of what tastes like barbecue sauce. I've had much better fancy burgers than this.

The honey bacon isn't bad, but I have to apply the lime myself, which leads to it being unevenly distributed amongst the rashers.

The chips are fairly average, with a but too much fried exterior, and not a lot of crisp.

Chocolate salted caramel

w/ edible soil, honeycomb, vanilla bean ice cream & mixed berry coulis.

This is rather odd. The brown caramel is like a lolly. Imagine eating ice cream and pie crust, and a caramel lolly at the same time. The ice cream and pastry soon disappear, then for the next 30 seconds or so, I'm still eating the lolly.

The coulis is very tart, but has a powerful effect when combined with the sweet ice cream. Unfortunately, though, most of this dessert is the caramel, which I'm not interested in chewing my way through.

After my first visit to this restaurant, I gave it scores of 9 and 9. After two more visits, with scores of 5/5 and 5/3, and serious problems with the food, more than once, I get the feeling my first visit was just a fluke.