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This is my fourth visit to Fedora's. The first time, the food was amazing. The other two times, it was rather poor.

This place is at the Hilton Hotel, on the corner of South road and Bradman.

The food here sits on the border between "local pub" and "nice restaurant".

Atlantic Salmon

With herb puree, egg, and micro-salad.

I wonder if a micro-salad is like a micro-piglet. :)

This kind of salmon dish tends to taste the same every time. However, this one is different. It has the usual crunchy skin, but the skin is very salty, which is good. Also, the herb puree adds a mostly-tomato flavour, but with the skin, it's enough to add some depth to the dish.

The poached egg on top of the fish is very unusual. It very much evokes eating a fried breakfast.

The micro-salad is micro in taste, and is almost completely irrelevant here.

Trio of ice creams

Hazelnut, coffee, peanut butter

The coffee ice cream has a bit of a gelato iciness to it. It's coffee taste is fairly mild, which is good, but there's nothing amazing about it. 6/10

The hazelnut ice cream has big chunks of hazelnut in it, but not much taste outside that. 5/10

The peanut butter ice cream at the bottom is a lot more interesting, in both texture and taste. It contains salted caramel, and has crunchy peanuts, and a separate chocolate sauce. This is more like the kind of thing I expect of house-made ice cream. 7/10