Fox & Firkin English Pub

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It was a long drive up here. I'm kinda hungry, but the restaurant is full. I'm currently hanging out in the pub section. Lucky I'm wearing my tough leather jacket. I think people will just assume I'm a biker.

Half an hour later, some people come down the stairs, so I head up, and an given a table.

Surf & Turf

Medallions of fillet steak with barramundi & prawns in a creamy garlic sauce topped with salt & lemon pepper squid.

This plate has a bit of everything. All the meat seems to be drowned in an oily cheese sauce. This is not pleasant on the mushy battered fish, but the prawns survive it much better.

The sear on the steaks is a bit excessive. It contributes a strong, almost-charred taste to the meat. The steaks are also a bit on the chewy side, and their sauce is also the ubiquitous cheese sauce.

The dish has boring crispy potatoes, and a very basic salad, comprised of pieces of lettuce, carrot and cucumber. It's balsamic vinegar dressing doesn't make it any worse.

This is not restaurant food, or even good pub food. It's subpar pub food.

Sticky Date Pudding

with hot butterscotch sauce & ice cream.

This pudding has a reasonable butterscotch taste, but it's texture is very odd. It's dry and chewy, and slightly crispy. It's like it's been overcooked. This texture is at its worst in the centre of the pudding.

This place will be finding a home close to the bottom of my scores page. Now for the long drive home. :)