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I arrive at the restaurant, only to read that the entrance is on the side street. I go round to the side street, and discover a small foyer, with an unexplained set of stairs up to Gallery. I ascend a few floors, and find the place. Only, it's occupied by a private function. There's one more set of stairs, so I try them, and am taken to a bar floor. I'm told this is always open to the public, and the floor below is only for private functions. Not everyone would have made it all the way up here.

There's a funky rooftop area up here, with an enclosed bar area. It's very dark (I require decent light to photograph my feed), so I need to sit in this bar area. It's amazingly loud, given that there are only ten or so people in here.

Lamb shank

With soft polenta & gremolata.

Oh no! A huge smear of green herbs. Is this some kind of "hipster lamb shank"? :(

Whew. It's just parsley. :D

The polenta is very creamy. Polenta is often a tedious brick of carbohydrates.

The meat lacks salt, and isn't particularly flavourful. There's also not much meat on this lamb shank. Maybe this was a lazy lamb.

The waiter collects the menu from my table.

I wander around the space for a bit, and return to the bar to order 'zert. The kitchen has closed!

ZERT!!!! :o

:( :(
:( :(
Noise, hidden entrance, most seats are stools, have to order at bar
Unannounced closing of kitchen.