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This is my fifth visit to George's. I'm limiting myself to six visits to a restaurant now. After six visits, I've eaten everything good from the menu, and I find myself eating their worst food. :)

I still haven't seen George though. :|

Chicken breast

Roasted vegetables, sauce romesco.

Yes, this fairly boring-sounding dish is apparently one of the best things on the menu. :)

Forgot to do coriander check!!! I do a quick search of Google for "romesco sauce", and discover that it's not polluted with coriander.

The chicken is sous vide, so it's super-juicy. It has a slightly sweet glaze, that's given a strong flavour by bits of the sprig of thyme. It's hard to describe how perfectly these tastes go together.

I'm happy to eat the chicken by itself. I don't need to add it to the pool of spicy capsicum romesco sauce. I save that for the vegetables.

That was probably the best chicken I've had.

Horchata parfait

Pear, almonds, cinnamon.

Horchata is a Spanish drink. Somehow, it's now become a parfait.

Parfait is often a fancy word for "brick of ice cream", but sometimes it's better. :)

This dessert has clearly been piled up at one end of the plate to make washing up easier.

The logs of horchata parfait actually have almost no distinguishable taste. It's like vanilla ice cream, minus the vanilla.

The big amoretti biscuits are tasty, and underneath is a litter of all kinds of "bits", some of which are a bit too hard to be comfortably chomped on.

These random components don't go together in any meaningful way. I unearth a tiny dollop of mild green paste, which I add to whatever else I'm eating. I don't really know. There's too much going on here.

As I pay the bill, George thanks me for my support.

:( :(
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