Giallo Wine Bar

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“Welcome to Giallo Wine Bar. Would you like to see our wine list?”

“Ah… no thanks.” :|

I’m impressed by the automatic door. It’s classier than one might expect.

The wall has a big-screen TV with a live feed of a parrot cage.

Eavesdropped conversation of the night: “The Cold War… what basically happened was…”

Presented with bread, as usual, and copy of “Art” magazine.

The Cold War monologue has progressed to Ronald Reagan. Other guests of this guy are being dragged along for a free history lesson with their dinner.

Oh crap we’ve gone back to 1240′s Russia!

Ahh food is here.

Fish of the day – Barramundi

Served with braised fennel, olives, tomato and a saffron rouille.

The fish is mushy, and doesn’t have much of a taste. The beige sauce on top of it doesn’t really have a taste either. The fennel is like cooked celery, minus any flavour.

Nothing on this plate tasted terrible, and if the fish hadn’t been mushy, this could’ve passed for “mild”, but as it was, it was just tasteless.

Blood Orange Syrup Cake

With mandarin sorbet.

The cake has a nice grainy but soft texture, and is very moist. It’s infused with a tangy orange liquid, and seems like it had strawberry syrup in its base. The mandarin sorbet was interesting. I don’t think I’ve had mandarin-flavoured dessert before. This sorbet was bitey and sweet, and really captured the specific flavour of a mandarin. Though both these components were tangy, the slightly sweeter sorbet offset the slightly tart cache perfectly.