Giallo Wine Bar

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"Long time, no see," says the waiter. That's a good memory. I've only been here once, eight months ago.

This place has amusing gadgets. It has its own automatic door, and the room is warmed a fraction of a degree by an LCD TV with an video of a fire on it.

Free range chicken medallions

Baked with pesto, green beans and artichokes, finished with buffalo mozzarella.

Why would a chicken be awarded medallions?

I'm assured that this is "interesting chicken." Chicken is often boring, so I like to enquire first. :)

The chicken is extremely juicy, and has a bit of a buttery, salty taste. The fetta and beans are appropriate accompaniments to the chicken, but the pesto gives an extra hit of flavour.

Mu lost common criticism I have of food, these days, is that it just lacks flavour. This dish certainly didn't.

Apple Tart tatin

Served with vanilla bean ice cream.

There's nothing amazing here. The apple is soft and pleasant, but it all comes together to just make some mild apple pie.

The golden syrup adds an interesting sweetness and texture, but the "crust" at the base is a bit biscuity and dry.

The table of shouting patrons beside me have now headed outside, to smoke right by the front door.