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I'm recommended the tempura. It's a specific "main course" tempura.

Tempura – Main

Deep fried prawn & various seasonal vegetables.

This is like the Japanese equivalent of fish and chips. There's no complex taste here. The object is simply fried in batter. It's quite possible that my question about the restaurant's best dish ended up being unrelated to the answer I was given, and they just chose something inoffensive.

This dish is disproportionally fried prawns. There's some vegetable matter here, but it's just the formula of basic food + batter. Not all the vegetables make sense in tempura, but they're on my plate nonetheless. Tempura sweet potato, tempura green bean, tempura baby corn.

The worst thing on the plate is the "fried nothing". It's like a handful of dried spaghetti strands, but fried.

Oh dear. Japanese dessert time. It's always bad.

Maccha ice cream

In house made(sic) green tea ice cream.

There are three desserts. The mixed berry ice cream cake, which I've had before, this green tea ice cream, and the special. I ask what the special is. I'm told it's a banana, chocolate topping, and a spring roll. I ask why there's a spring roll in the dessert, but the waiter has no idea.

By process of elimination, I have to choose the green tea ice cream.

I am shocked by how acceptable this dessert is. It's sweet enough, and the green tea provides a strong and interesting flavour.

The whipped cream is completely superfluous, and the mint leaves are not useful as a flavour for the ice cream. I can't mix the leaf into the ice cream properly.

Service. Waiter has absolutely no idea.