Giwa Modern Korean Restaurant

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Stir fried beef with vegetables.

That was a very large pile of vegetables and shredded beef cooked in soy sauce. The slivers of (I think) ginger added some zing. The rice wasn’t a dish on its own, but was too small to be eaten with the main feed-pile. Being of Dutch extraction, I’m naturally fairly competent with chopsticks, but I just couldn’t manage to tear apart beef with an awkward pair of smooth, flat, metal Korean chopsticks.


Honey nut pancakes. Filled with crushed mixed nuts, with marmalade syrup & fruit. Served with ice cream.

Very tasty and chewy pancakes. I’m not sure that these qualify as Korean, but they were pretty good. They were fairly thin, but had a gooey nutty fruity substance inside them. They weren’t hugely sweet, but the nutty and fruity flavour was perfectly matched with the ice cream. I won’t mark them down for a minor case of the old serviette-in-the-food trick.