Good Life Modern Organic Pizza (Glenelg)

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I’ve never seen this place before. A nondescript set of wooden stairs leads up to a rather large restaurant.
Glenelg is madness at this time. On a warm Saturday night, every man and his dog is here.
No tables available, but they don’t know that I’m only here to eat at this place. I’m not going to pop in next door and grab a Yiros or something. The wait will be an hour, so I’ll just spend some quality time with my friend iPhone 5. My usual “I’ll sit anywhere trick doesn’t work this time.”
After half an hour, I’m seated. It never takes too long for a table to free up.
I realise that the pizza place I went to in the city is actually part of the same franchise. I’m here now, so I’ll just order something different to last time.


Pumpkin, sweet potato, beetroot, green beans and capsicum.
The base of this pizza is crunchy, but it only has a very minimal amount of cheese and tomato. The chunks of capsicum, beans, beetroot, and sweet potato seem somewhat unrelated to the pizza below. They’re also not really physically connected to the base either. These cooked vegetables are pleasant enough, but nothing gives this pizza any strong taste. It needed to be more cheesy or salty, or have some topping that was interesting and tasty.


A light organic custard base topped with banana and baked.
That sentence could use an Oxford comma.
After my extensive dissection of my main course, the waitress has asked me to give feedback on my dessert, which I’ll be happy to provide. :)
The thin pastry is crispy and slightly sweet, and a very thin layer of custard sits above that. However, this layer of custard is extremely thin, meaning that the chewy crust is the part here that stands out. The custard needed to be much thicker, and also sweeter. The cooked banana pieces here are surprisingly dull. Cooked banana should have a really strong taste, but here it has almost none. Maybe the banana isn’t cooked enough, or maybe it was a less-ripe banana.

:( :(
Noise. Traffic noise as well.