Goodlife Pizza

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Pizza… on Hutt St.

This had better be superior to Pizza Hut.


With shiitake mushroom and spring onion ginger jam.

This didn’t taste all that much like a pizza, which is probably a good thing. There was only a minimal amount of cheese, which caused some “cohesion problems.” :] The main flavour was the tasty and numerous slivers of duck. The shiitake mushrooms got a bit lost among the base, cheese, and other blandish components. There wasn’t much tomato sauce on this fancy pizza, and I felt it lacked a vegetable component. The clumps of spring onion were very potent, and could only be eaten with big pieces of the pizza. Hoovering up fallen clumps of spring onion with my fork proved to be unwise. This was better than most pizzas, but had more of the taste of a pie or pastry.


Brownie served warm with a scoop of Clare Valley vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Sounds filthy. :]

This was more of a chocolate cake than a brownie. When I think of a brownie, I think of something small, a bit crispy, and very chocolatey. The chocolate cake was fairly textureless, and just had a strong cocoa taste. The ice cream was just regular honey ice cream, and the sauce had the same monotone cocoa-ey taste as the cake. Judging by the speed with which this was served, I wouldn’t be surprised if the “brownie” was bought, not made on-site.