The Grill

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At the Stirling Hotel, in the centre of Stirling.

I think my drinks are pouring extra-slowly. :) Mr. Diet Coke eventually arrives, but his friend Mr. Filtered Water hasn't joined him for the trip. Service is otherwise friendly and attentive.

I'm brought a little cloth bag with pieces of bread in it.

Waitress: "This is some baguette."
Daniel: "Bag-ette?" :D
Waitress: :|

A boy at a neighbouring table dons his bag-ette as a fez.

Confit duck leg

Cotechino, fig, Roquefort custard, radicchio, currant glaze, walnut.

The meat isn't all that different from well-cooked chicken. I add the lentils, but they just add a somewhat similar earthy, salty taste that doesn't enhance the meat.

The relatively small amount of fig, and it's even smaller dollop of Roquefort custard add some very minor tastes, but they're not appropriate tastes for meat. They're just random. The candied walnuts add an even more-inappropriate sweetness when I eat them.

This dish is basically meat and meaty lentils.

Pinacolada cheesecake

Pineapple jelly, rum gel, fresh coconut.

The cheesecake has only a light citrus flavour, but the strong part of the cheesecake is actually the base. It's very sweet, very rough and chunky coconut and apricot.

I expect the little spheres to be macadamias, but they're actually chewy coconut. It's a very interesting texture in a dessert that has enough seeetmes to sweeten these balls of coconut.

There's a vast and very interesting variety of textures and tastes here. There's sorbets, jellies, meringues, chocolates. It's a little bit rich, however.

All this feed has left me so bloated that I'll be able to roll down the hill, back to the city. I might pull into an arrester bed if I need to sleep it off. :)