Gully Public House & Garden

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This complex sits atop a multi-levelled pit, reminiscent of a strip mine. There are hundreds of people here, in the various eating areas.

The restaurant hall is full, so I'm seated at the nearby "dining section." :| My table comes decorated with beer coasters and a tower of Keno cards.

Chicken breast

Filled with spinach, capsicum & pine nuts on mash potato & basil pesto sauce.

This feed is taking its time. Might go have a punt on the pokies. I'm guaranteed to win big!

Chicken is rarely very interesting. It needs something significant done to it. The spinach, capsicum, and pine nuts don't really add too much flavour to the chicken. The pesto is also very weak, and adds only a little bit more flavour. This is enough to keep this from being a giant slab of tasteless chicken, but only just.

This chicken tastes like chicken!

The mashed potato contains plenty of milk. Enough to counteract any potato taste, anyway. This is probably the most neutral food substance I've ever eaten.

Vanilla & Rosemary scented panna cotta

Fresh South Australian strawberries macerated in orange brandy.

This has a simple cream flavour. However, the orange brandy's alcohol taste isn't a good match. I was looking for some tangy and contrasting berries with my panna cotta, not a weird alcohol taste. It fights with the vanilla.

Tonight's feed wasn't bad, but it was just decent pub food, at nice restaurant prices.

Both courses slow