Gusto on Hutt

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I hadn't noticed this place before. The decor is to an unusually high spec for Adelaide. I'm reclining on a faux crocodile skin bench

The menu is in pristine condition, which indicates that the place is very new. Turns out it's just over three weeks old.

I place my umbrella next to my seat, so I won't forget it. It's very easy to leave umbrellas behind.

Bracioline di Vitello

Char grilled milk fed baby veal rolled with semi dried tomatoes, roasted capsicums, baby spinach & basil pesto served with a Mediterranean vegetable stack & onion jus.

The meat itself is passable - nothing amazing, and slightly chewy, but it's surrounded by flavourful tomato, onion, and the amazing mashed potato.

Crèmoso Doppio Cioccolato

Two selections of creamy chocolate mousse.

The layers of mousse are almost like a set custard, rather than being a mousse. This isn't necessarily bad, however.

The two layers of mousse don't really have strong tastes. The lower, chocolate layer, has a bit of a chocolate taste. The crunchy crumble bits end up being the dominant components here.

As I leave, the waitress runs out to me. I had forgotten my umbrella. :]