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Tonight, I am eating with Gusto! :D


Porchetta al forno

Helpful translation: fornicating on the porch.

Slow roasted pork belly rolled with Italian herbs served with fried polenta cakes, sautéed green beans, finished with roasted tomato & red wine glaze.

I don't mind pork belly. Usually, it's a small amount of meat, laid out flat, so there's a little bit of fat, skin, and meat in each bite. In a giant piece of meat like this, it's not possible to cut the meat up like that. I'm cutting off pieces I believe to be meat, but which are entirely fat, so I spit them out. I end up eating slightly more than half of this "chop".

The red wine glaze is detectable, but doesn't add enough to a huge chunk of meat like this. The meat is very good, but it doesn't have enough extra taste to it.

Torte Limone

Layers of vanilla sponge separated by a light lemon cream served with fresh fruit and vanilla gelato.

The torte is a kind of a pancake/soufflé/cake. It has a variety of textures. It's not hugely lemony, but it's fairly pleasant, as you'd expect from a pancake/soufflé/cake.

The vanilla gelato has its own strong vanilla and dairy taste, and doesn't go with the pancake/soufflé/cake.

Everything on the plate sits in a kind of custard. I just eat it, thinking "mm custard", then the extra taste hits me. It's a really out-of place taste. It's vegetably. After a minute or two of tasting this distasteful stuff, I decide to designate it as part of the cabbage family. It's like cooked cabbage. Something might be off. I can't think of any fruit, liquor, or herb that could taste like this.

The waitress tells me she tasted it a few times, but insists she tasted nothing amiss. Taste is a matter of opinion, so I can't say who's correct here. However, to me, it was a kind of an aftertaste I experienced after eating a spoonful of it, not a strong main taste. I also eat a huge amount of different food, all the time, and haven't detected anything like this before. The taste wasn't overpowering, so I just ignored it, and ate everything else.

My change is delivered to my table in silence. I remain friendly and polite, but there's no "thank you for coming" and "goodbye". :)

:( :( :( :( :( :(
Service. Regardless of who's right or wrong here, a waiter should cheerfully give her opinion, and/or apologise that I didn't like it. Some places would refund. Defending the dessert, suspending courtesy, and gossiping as I leave is not good business.