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At a new restaurant for the first time in a long time.

This is the first stop in my New Additions 2014 series.

This place is in the back of the Chifley Hotel, at the far eastern end of South Terrace.

Meen Moolie

…of wild barramundi fillets cooked with turmeric, fresh curry leaf and coconut. Plus rice.

This dish is extremely mild. Nothing contributes more than a subtle flavour to the dish.

The coconut sauce is creamy, and has the slight flavour of soup stock. The curry leaves add a faint curry flavour and spice, but only enough for me to be able to detect it.

The fish is soft and boneless, and fits well with the mildness of the dish.

This dish is very pleasant, despite its understated flavour.

Black rice brulee

…pandan infused black rice cooked with coconut and topped with caramelised custard.

The custard here is nice, and has a strong custard flavour. The toffee crust is a bit too thick, but not so much that it sticks to my teeth.

The black rice under the creme brûlée doesn't really add anything positive. It's sweetened with coconut, and isn't anywhere near as sweet as the custard. It just serves to dilute the sweetness and taste of the custard, and adds an unimpressive chewy texture.

After providing feedback, I'm offered another dessert for free, to provide feedback on. This is in addition to the free Diet a Coke I received earlier, because they forgot to bring it. :)

Sri Lankan Love Cake

This cake is full of chunks. It's not unpleasant, just slightly unusual. The pieces of mild ginger are everywhere, and the cake itself is moist and crumbly.

It's just not a hugely pleasant texture, and the ginger is the only real taste here.

Free stuff!