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This is the restaurant of the Chifley hotel, on South Terrace.

Hanuman Prawns

Cooked in a delicate coconut, wild ginger and curry sauce.

For something that's not supposed to be spicy, this is actually moderately spicy. I'm not a fan of spiciness. The sauce has a somewhat unappealing granular texture, like pear juice.

I'm not a fan of the unavoidable shreds of potent lemon grass in the food. Nor am I a fan of the chip of hard plastic in my food either.

I eat the pleasant prawns, and a bit more of the granular, spicy, generic sauce, before eventually bailing out.

Update: the lemongrass was actually kafir lime leaf.

Chocolate and water chestnut cake

The chocolate cake is very moist. It has a very mild flavour. The bits of crispy water chestnut provide a bit of interesting texture, but no detectable flavour.

Vanilla ice cream can be a reasonable partner to something with a potent taste, but here, it's a bit superfluous and bland.

The waiter thanks me for my feedback.

:) :) :)
Main course refunded. :)