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The bad news is that my major source of visitors—Urbanspoon— has been absorbed into the "Zomato" conglomerate. :| The good news is that Zomato's list of restaurants has some that Urbanspoon didn't have. So, I'm going to a few new restaurants.

There's nothing cola-based here, but the apple and cherry juice is good enough.

Also, a giant dead tree is tied to the ceiling with ropes. I'll ask them if they want to borrow my garden bin.

King fish carpaccio

This has three different sauces, in lines. The tangy soy taste is good, but the lemon is a taste that needs something to support it. Odd-tasting raw fish and lemon lack pleasantness.

Saikyou Style Black Cod

Kyoto (Saikyou) miso marinated slow baked cod.

I don't know that I've had slow-cooked fish before. It loses its fishiness, and gains a kind of generic savoury flavour. The daikon radish adds an interesting tang.

Moar feed needed!

Beef tataki

I wouldn't expect almost-raw beef, with roast garlic sauce, on a bed of white onion, to be much good. However, the onion is very mild, and has a creamy sauce. It's almost like a coleslaw. This dish has all kinds of strong and tasty flavours. Very unexpected.

Ginormous tray of sushi

This was supposed to be a small dish. I was almost full after the first two. :|

There are all the usual sushi flavours here. Many varieties of raw fish. It's a lot less interesting than it looks. None are particularly amazing, but one is an awful gob of baked mush. It might have been sea urchin. :| The prawn pieces are also very dry.

Green tea panna cotta

Served with Azuki bean paste, kinako.

The panna cotta has a tea flavour, but also a non-uniform mushy texture, as though it's made of beans, which it probably is. It also has a very fine grain to it.

On top of this beany panna cotta is… beans! These treacly beans add much more sweetness, but MORE beany texture.

This has bean an interesting experience. :)

:( :( :(
Gave me too much food