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Agnello con Lenticche

The lamb is big and chunky. It has a thin coating of prosciutto, which adds some salt and flavour. It's not crunchy, however. A crunchy prosciutto shell isn't really appealing to me.

The lentils don't have an amazing taste, but the jus adds a kind of a meaty flavour to them. The lentils, spinach and jus add up to something very reminiscent of meat, but with no actual meat involved.

This was all slightly simple. Prosciutto-flavoured meat and a lentil/spinach/carrot mix just isn't very amazing.

I started sitting by the fire, but I soon become golden brown, and have to move. The waiter compliments me on how long I lasted by the fire. :)

Torta di limone

Shortbread pastry with lemon curd, triple cream and fresh berries.

The hard, crumbly pastry cup is actually fairly sweet. I'm expecting this dessert to be a hive of sourness, but it's actually all very sweet. That's how I like it.

The lemon curd is pleasant and lemony, and all the other ingredients are mild and sweet. The cream probably isn't necessary here, but it doesn't hurt.

The raspberries can cut over the top of the lemon, and add a bit of taste of their own.