Jimmies Restaurant

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I don't know what a jimmy is, but more than one of them have started a restaurant. If someone named Jimmy is the namesake of this restaurant, the name would typically be Jimmys or Jimmy's.

I find a spot of pedantry can be an ideal way to start the evening.

It's very cold in here. There's a draught coming in from somewhere.

Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni, caramelised onion, mushroom, olives and fresh oregano.

The pizza is nice and crispy, and has the usual smattering of cheese, but the pizza is a bit on the simple side. The pepperoni and the olives (which have reached plague proportions on this pizza) are the only real tastes. I don't mind a pizza, but this isn't much different from the average pizza.

Warm chocolate and Drambuie shot

This was like thick, molten chocolate, but with a strong alcoholic kick. I didn't taste any flavour from the alcohol. I had expected this to be something slightly more.

Helpful, polite service
:( :(
Very cold