Jolley's Boathouse

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I'm feeling jolly already. There's some festival on in Elder park tonight, so parking up here is madness. Normally it's easy to park near an isolated restaurant like this.

Roast kangaroo loin

Beetroot, kale and smoked bacon, blackberry vinaigrette.

Apparently this has been getting good reviews lately. Let's see if I can add my own. :)

It's served medium-rare to rare. As I understand it, kangaroo needs to be cooked this way, or it becomes too dry.

The slices of kangaroo are soft and juicy on the inside, but have a much more well-cooked exterior, that has a nice dash of salt. The dobs of blackberry vinaigrette have a vinegary taste, but also a sweetness, and a surprising slight fruity taste. The kangaroo doesn't really need a sauce, but this adds a lot of flavour.

The kale under the kangaroo is almost mushy, but has a strong plant-y flavour. The few salty cubes of bacon amongst it add a burst of flavour.

Sticky black rice

Coconut, ginger and lime, fresh mango

The black rice has the texture of undercooked rice. It's husky and chewy, and it's not very sweet. The citrus ice cream overcomes this for a bit, but there's just too much black rice for it all to be eaten with something sweet.

Parking. Usually not too hard.