Jolley's Boathouse

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On the banks of the River Torrens here. Nearing 8pm, it's still 36° here, so the place is packed with people escaping the heat.

The place has a little lounge section for loafers like me. After ten minutes, I'm seated. I could sit out on Pop-Eye, but I don't think table service extends that far.

Being away from the restaurant strips of the city, parking up here is easier.

Pan fried potato gnocchi

Roast summer vegetables, rocket and pesto.

The pesto is mild, and adds a faint but pleasant taste that doesn't overwhelm the gnocchi.

The little lumps of gnocchi have a nice seared, nutty taste I assume they've gained from the pine nuts.

The spinach and vegetables here add a variety of subtle flavours here, but the occasionally-crunchy rocket is completely out of place here.

Crème fraiche parfait

Citrus prunes and spiced apricots.

The parfait has a strong lemony taste. It's like a lemon cheesecake, but lighter.

The brittle that goes with it tastes like almost-burnt sesame seeds. It's an acrid and unpleasant taste.

The parfait is surrounded by a line of very mild lemon syrup, which is redundant, given the strong lemon taste if the parfait.

There's supposed to be citrus prunes here, but it's more like pruned citrus. The apricot piece has the texture of an apricot, but the flavour of a prune. It's not a very sweet flavour, so it adds to the genuine effect of an apricot that tastes like a regular prune.

The waitress confirms that my sesame brittle was much darker than usual.

Cheerful service