Jolley's Boathouse

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The final destination in The Feed Report Top 5.

The streets are packed with university revellers of some sort. Parking is almost impossible.

Crisp skin barramundi

Rainbow chard, caramelised shallot, sautéed mushrooms and bacon.

The fish doesn't have any amazing flavour, but the texture is right. It holds together, and is soft, without being mushy. A bit of butter and salt add enough flavour, but the random assortment of mushrooms adds a whole lot if unexpected flavours. These flavours don't add anything to a piece of fish, but they're interesting nonetheless.

For some reason, my fish has croutons on it.

Mango and coconut mille feuille

Coconut sorbet

Nothing in this giant pile of feed has much sweetness or flavour. The pastry is bland and only lightly sweetened, and the slices of mango and (what seems like) semolina custard are just inoffensive but flavourless "food".

This dessert is particularly difficult to eat. I have to pull it apart, saw through the layers of pastry, then reassemble a mouthful of it on my spoon.

The scoop of coconut sorbet is the only thing with any flavour here. Genuine coconut is a bit of an unusual flavour, but at least it's a flavour.

:( :(
Parking. Often obstructed by nearby events.
River view