Jolley's Boathouse

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Back at my favourite restaurant. Wouldn't have come here again so soon, but I have interstate guests. They're Brisbane hicks, so I'll show them the cultured side of Adélaide.

There's only one thing still on the menu, that I've had before. So there's no shortage of new feeds to try.

Orecchiette Pasta

Slow cooked lamb, spinach, peas, pangrattato.

This almost tastes like shellfish. The curved discs of pasta are very al dente.

There's an interesting and earthy combination of textures and flavours here. The hardish pasta and shreds of tasty lamb all go together to make the meal fairly solid, but it's punctuated by sweet silver beet and crunchy croutons. There are many ingredients here, and I can't always work out what I'm eating, but it's all a fairly consistent flavour.

All the components in here have a strong taste, and…

Why is there a fish bone here???


Passionfruit curd and vanilla cream.

I'm loath to order pavlova, but after some serious questioning, I'm informed that this isn't just a regular slice of pavlova. IT HAD BETTER NOT BE.

This is a very unusual pavlova. No whipped cream. No fruit. No crap cardboard box.

This mega meringue sits in a passionfruit lake. I expect the passionfruit to be sour, but it's actually very smooth and mild.

The ice cream tumbles down from atop the pavlova, in a giant pavalanche.

The fluffy innards of the giant pav-o-lith are fluffy, and have a Dr. Pepper flavour.

Altogether, this is a pleasant and interesting combination of flavours.

Service slow