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This is a new Serbian place. I'm in the dining room. There's a table of eight, a table of three, and me. The room is full. There are a few more seats out at the bar.

I'm recommended the Tapas - three small courses.


Swiss button mushrooms char-grilled then pan-fried with a zesty garlic oil.

These mushrooms are fairly plain, but their "zesty garlic oil" adds just enough taste.


Pickled cabbage leaves filled with pork, beef and rice, slow cooked and served with a side of organic yoghurt.

These soggy rolls rest in a kind of a soup. They're only just strong enough to be extracted without disintegrating. They have a good cabbage flavour, but the little bits of mince are a strange texture here.


Lightly battered, dry marinated fish fillets, shallow fried and served with lemon sauce.

These crispy and leathery pieces of herby fish are pleasant enough, but the watery sauce adds a huge punch. There's lemon in the sauce, but I think there's vinegar too.

This is something like eating salt and vinegar chips.


There is only one dessert.

This is almost identical to Spanish doughnuts ("Churros"), but isn't warm. It's made if rice flour, and doesn't really have a strong taste. It's harder on the outside, and like crumbly rice on the inside.

Only the honey on the plate has a real taste here.

:( :( :(