I'm on Adelaide's trendiest food street - Peel Street.

I'm led through a warren of small rooms, to a table. I'm seated next to an open window, looking into a kitchen room, where grandma watches Today Tonight.

I'm brought a large roll of tasty house-made bread.


The potato salad is supposedly "the best potato salad in Australia." It certainly is good. It's creamy and oily, and infused with spring onion taste. The little bits of actual onion in it add an extra layer of tasty onion.

The other salad is full of filthy celery, so I don't eat it. Celery is very sour to me. It was my least favourite food item, until I discovered the arch-evil of coriander.

(This item is an entree, and not counted in the score.)

Karadjordjeva (Veal schnitzel)

Char-grilled tenderised veal filled with ricotta, Danish feta & cooked bacon.

The waitress notes the phallic nature of this main course. :)

It looks like a cooked caterpillar.

For a rolled-up piece of meat, this has an inordinate amount of flavour. The bacon has seamlessly infused the veal.

This is very tasty, but I'm full of potasty salad and bread roll. This sausage-o-feed is also too big. It might be traditional in Serbia to eat salad first, but I'd rather eat everything at the same time. Eating a dish of just meat is a bit much.

Alas, there will be no 'zert tonight.

:( :( :(
Overfeeding, parts of meal separated.
:( :(