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Back for MOAR. Hard to get a booking for this place.

Slow cooked beef rib eye

Slow cooked in miso, red capsicum & coconut milk with salt & pepper bug tails, roasted baby carrot, parsnip, yuzu yoghurt.

I haven’t really had a slow-cooked steak before. Maybe the texture and concentration of meaty flavour isn’t my thing. Certainly better than last night’s at the Auge, however. Otherwise, this was very nice. The yuzu (small Japanese lemon and semi-useful Scrabble word) went perfectly with the meat juice. Having not had “bugs” before, I conducted a brief autopsy, before categorising them as prawns and devouring them.

Couldn’t resist walnut pannacotta again for dessert, but alas, the recipe had been altered. Still very good, but not amazing any more. If it’s not reverted by next time, I’ll be storming into the kitchen like a wild pig on a truffle hunt. (Didn’t review the pannacotta this time.)