La Bonne Table

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There are tiny "one piece" tapas dishes, and regular small tapas dishes. I order two of each.

I'm recommended the tapas.

My Diet Coke tastes like rotting fruit, so I enquire about its vintage.

The waitress returns with a new Diet Coke. I don't ask for an explanation. :)

Roasted pumpkin salad

Fennel, radicchio, quinoa, walnut, blue cheese.

The roasted pumpkin has a lot of flavour here. It has some contrast with the crispy lettuce, but the texture of the lettuce is transformed why the crunchy grains of quinoa, which creates a whole new experience in crunchiness.

Not a huge fan of the blue cheese though. I think it's gone mouldy.

Grilled scallops

Bodin noir, soubise, rouille.

I didn't realise Bodin noir meant blood sausages. :|

I think each scallop has a different sauce, but they're all too weak to make a difference.

The scallops are somewhat squishy, like very soft squid.

The blood sausage doesn't taste too bad. Not too different from a regular sausage, despite being vampire fare. They have some spice, and I think some onions.

Perilla pancake

Leek fondue, soy mayo.

Once I stop trying to understand what I'm eating, i start to like this. I decide that I'm eating potato.

This is like a little pancake of potato, but it's got some tasty vegetable flavours around it. It's a little bit tangy and spicy too.

Update: it was rice.

Aubergine tempura

Pineapple & aubergine pickle.

This is a strange mishmash of fruit and vegetable flavours. They have all kinds of odd and textures and powerful flavours, and it's a bit crispy.

There's pickle, and some unknown red sauce.

There are pieces of flaxy, unchewable stem in here, and to top it all off, a fragment of coriander.


It seems as though the clafoutis could be 100% pear, but it definitely gets gelatinous and puddingy towards the edges of the dish. It's a strange experience working out where the pear ends and the pudding begins. It's a smooth transition.

The clafoutis has an extra-peary taste, like pear juice has been added to it.

The ice cream has a smooth, milky flavour, but also a very strong acidy taste - the same bitey taste you find in something that's gone off. Here, however, it's the focal point. I don't know if I like it, but it's certainly surprising.

Parking. Slightly easier closer to the south-east corner of town.