La Bonne Table

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On my way here, I follow a giant rat that's made a home in a drain. If times get tough, I'll go back and revisit him.

I arrive at La Bonne Table, where I'm greeted by a waitress I recognise from another restaurant. She comes armed with pre-knowledge of my hatred of coriander. :)

Fish of the day

I will call this Atlantic Salmon a la Random Components.

In the "romantic lighting", I don't initially see the tomato paste kind of topping for the fish. Atlantic Salmon is a very common dish, and it needs something to make it interesting. In addition to the tomato sauce, there's a sea of random components under the fish. There's cockles, chorizo, peas, huge oval-shaped pasta, tomatoes, radish, and a kind of tasty broth.

As random as it is, nothing here is too inappropriate. It's something like a marinara.

Goat cheese cake

Caramelised apple, streusel, macerated strawberry & sherbet.

I got a goat-cheese cake. I was expecting a goat cheesecake, with hunks of braised goat. Oh well. :(

This tastes as good as it looks. It's like a spectrum of a few overlapping desserts, on one plate.

The raspberry sorbet adds a nice tang to the cheesecake below. The goats cheese cheesecake has a stronger dairy taste, that survives above the other strong flavours. In many places, it's a strange flavour, but here it's key.

The sweet granola below adds interesting texture, and the apple puree below that adds flavour to the granola.

:( :(