La Tombola

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Starting on Unley Road, and heading south.


Local selection of fresh seafood with garlic, fresh herbs, olive oil, and finished with fresh Roma tomato sauce and fresh herbs.

This is apparently the dish people keep coming back for. If this is a typical plate of pasta, it’s going to have to be very good to impress me.

I forgot to photograph this before adding Parmesan, so I mixed it up, and it returned to its original appearance. :)

This pasta is basically what a expected. It has a pleasant seafoody taste, and a hint of tomato. There’s no real strong taste here. The prawns just have a typical prawn taste, and the squid has no particular taste. The dish lacks any kind if punch or acidity, but is a well-cooked plate of pasta.


Sponge fingers flavoured with coffee & liqueur layered with mascarpone cream.

The coffee and liqueur tastes here are fairly mild, and there’s a lot of chocolate in the cream, which makes the dish seem less creamy. (Which is good. I don’t want to eat piles of cream.)

The sponge is soft and fluffy, and the thin layer of rich chocolate on top adds another flavour.

This dish gives me the same feeling as the pasta. This is typical food at its best. There’s no way this can compete with the fancy restaurants, but if you like very typical dishes consistently done as best they can be, this is the place.