L'Atelier Gourmand

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This French restaurant is very small. I don't know what the French word for boutique is, but it certainly applies to this place.

Agneau aux pruneaux

Righty eaux then!

Lamb leg steak cooked pink, served with prune sauce, Provençale tomatoes and seasonal greens.

This is apparently a very French dish, with the meat cooked "rosé", or very red.

After cutting into one of the pieces of meat, which is nothing more than very lightly cooked lamb, I'm not particularly impressed. However, this dish grows on me as I feast upon it.

The hidden prune sauce, with big chunks of prune, adds a really powerful flavour to the meat.

This dish very strongly evokes a cooked breakfast. It even has a tomato with crispy stuff on it. It's just a good mix of simple ingredients.

Crème brûlée

"Ask our friendly staff about the flavour of the day."

Oops, forgot to ask the friendly staff. :(

I'm told that this creme brulee surpasses other creme bruleex.

The thin top is crunchy and sugary, rather than being solid and toffee-like. It therefore doesn't have much of a flavour, but the crunch is interesting.

The custard is sweet and pleasant, but this also lacks the really strong eggy taste of the best creme bruleex, and doesn't have the marshmallowy taste I like.