Lenzerheide on Urbanspoon

Running out of fancy, high-scoring restaurants on the Urbanspoon restaurant website, so I’ve gone a bit out of my way tonight.

Probably the fanciest place I’ve been. Widely-spaced tables, people in eveningwear.


Roasted beef tenderloin, grilled herb tomato, asparagus, bordelaise and hollandaise sauce.

Someone else is photographing their food! Time to step outside.

The beef was extremely tender, without being any weird “slow-cooked” shit. The surrounding sauce was a bit too mild, but that was just as well, because the perfectly-done meat was the ideal match for the seeded mustard that a special “mustard man” applied to my plate while visiting my table. The hidden tomato and asparagus stack didn’t add a huge amount here, but the meat was probably the best roast meat I’ve had yet.


With a double-serving of accented letters.
Bailey’s, honey, vanilla beans. Served with Ferrero Rocher ice cream and chocolate marshmallow meringue. (glutton free)

The creme brulee was served at room temperature. I’m not sure what the correct temperature is, because it varies from place to place. This particular creme brulee had a very strong marshmallowy flavour, which was more like a toasted marshmallow than one fresh from a marshmallow tree. This was particularly unique and tasty, with the creme blulee otherwise being sweet and custardy. Gandalf left his tiny staff on my plate, but it didn’t add any magic to the fairly standard ice cream or the meringue it overpowered.