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Slumming it at Lenzerheide, one of Adelaide’s fanciest restaurants.


Roasted twice, black currant demi glaze, red wine poached baby pears.

Poor little duckling. I’d ask for him to be set free, but he’s only half a duckling, so his chances in the wild would only be half that of a whole duckling.

The meat here is nothing special. It’s perfectly cooked, but just slightly on the dry side. A much larger problem is in cutting the meat. Separating the meat from the side of the carcass is very difficult. There are no large pieces of meat that aren’t attached to bone, and it’s all a similar colour. There’s not enough of the glaze, so I ask for some more. It does add a nice fruity taste to the duck, however.

The beans were almost raw.

This was a real letdown from one of my previously highest rated restaurants, and one of Adelaide’s best.


Strawberry liqueur coulis, seasonal berries.

This looks to me like a tiny troll went swimming, and was devoured by a shark, leaving only its wild hair, and a bloody pile of gizzards.

This is only the second time I’ve considered giving something a score of ten. The panna cotta is amazing it has the sweetness and taste of white chocolate, but in a soft, pannacotta-ey lump. There’s slap a faint sprinkle of something sherbert-like, which adds a tiny tang here. All the other components of the dish are unnecessary. The coulis and berries just overwhelm the subtle panna cotta, the chocolate is irrelevant, and the troll hair doesn’t really add anything. None of these components really detracts from the dish, however, and are very good on their own.

Service, atmosphere