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The third restaurant in my Top 5.

This restaurant is very much on the fancy side. You can tell how fancy a restaurant is by how close the tables are to each other.

Onkaparinga Valley Venison

Button, shitake and enoki mushrooms. Sweet soy and Cabernet glaze.

The meat is slightly on the tough side. Not really tough, but tougher than typical fancy restaurant meat.

The kind of tangy soy sauce gravy on this plate is a strong, simple, and inelegant flavour, but is nice enough with the meat.

The mushrooms are all fairly in distinct, and there are a lot of them. They add a bit of bulk and interest to the meal, but again, they don't have any amazing flavour.

The beans are almost raw. I know minimal cooking is all the rage, to try to preserve flavour, but this just goes a bit too far.

Tasting plate: Chocolate plate

After the third or fourth visit to a restaurant, I often start to run out of menu options. Also, because this place is the sibling of Alphutte, a few of the desserts are common to both restaurants.

Strawberry chocolate mousse cup: The momentary fluffy strawberry mousse is long outlived by the tasty but not-amazing dark chocolate. 6/10

Pear, dark chocolate and praline tart: The little mass of sharp toffee fibres is slightly painful to eat, but odd enough to be amusing. The tart itself is very nutty, and made of nice smooth milk chocolate. 8/10

White chocolate and raspberry ice cream: The raspberry here is very sweet and refreshing, but it's not all that strong. That's a good thing, however, because the ice cream has a very strong milky flavour. Probably the best straight vanilla flavour I've had. 8/10

Jaffa tart: This tastes like Jaffa. No other flavours are detectable here. I might as well just eat a Jaffa. 5/10

White chocolate mud-cake: There's really no effect here, from these two separate components. The cake is firm and white chocolatey, and the white chocolate is white chocolatey and slightly firmer. Together, they taste like relatively firm white chocolate. 5/10

Fancy, friendly, helpful service.