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This is probably Adelaide's fanciest normal restaurant.

Lenzerheide is uncharacteristically full tonight. I'll come back in twenty minutes. Someone will have left by then.

The carpark leads to a bit of a walking track, so I decide to go and walk off my dinner in advance. That does work, right? :|

I've found a children's playground with swings! Whee!!! :)

I'm hungry. :(

25 minutes later, I'm in. :)

Ocean trout

Citrus and almond butter sauce, dill, snow pea tendrils.

The sauce is quite striking. It has a variety of slightly sour flavours. There's grapefruit and blood orange in here. I'm slightly put off by this sauce at first, but when used in moderation, it adds an interesting and fruity tang to the fish. I avoid the big pieces of citrus however. A piece of subtle fish can't really support a chunk of grapefruit.

Brandy snap

Seasonal fruit and berries, vanilla bean ice cream.

I ordered this because I've already eaten the other desserts here. I'm almost at a loss, as to what to write. It's just a brandy snap basket, with some fruit in it.

Being a very fancy restaurant, I wondered if they'd put any work into choosing really good fruit. They really hadn't. It was what you'd expect from the supermarket. The strawberries and rockmelon were tasteless, snd the blueberries were sour.

The ice cream is creamy and sweet, but what's the coulis for? I'm eating the ice cream with the fruit.

Tonight's feed might have seemed very average, but this happens with all the restaurants I go to. Because I ask for their best dishes, and never eat the same dish twice, I eventually work my way to their worst dishes. :) A rating of 6 and 5 on my fifth visit isn't actually all that bad. I've eaten most of the things on the menu now, so I've covered Lenzerheide comprehensively (it's still one of my favourites.) I'll make my fifth visit to a restaurant my final one.