Liars Restaurant

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At the Earl of Leicester Hotel.

Before I'm seated, I'm warned that there are no schnitzels in here. I've been mistaken for some schnitzel-munching yobbo. :(

I am, in fact, a fine cuisine-munching yobbo.

Pure Angus 300gm fillet

Chargrilled with a caramelised onion and mushroom duxelle pastry cigar, carrot purée and a medley of baby spring vegetables.

The meat is cooked nicely, and the char gives the meat some flavour and variation in taste.

A apply the jus on the plate to some of the meat. It's way too salty. Even when I eat the meat without the jus, it still has jus on it, and is too salty.

The small vegetables are a very interesting mix of flavours. It's several different vegetables, each bite-sized.

The onion and mushroom "cigar" is very odd. Its innards are black, and it has a kind of a burnt flavour. It doesn't really taste like food. It's a bit like a meat pie, but with the aftertaste of matured cheese. Maybe I should've smoked it instead. :)

Lenswood Apple Pie

With Anglaise and vanilla bean ice cream.

Apple pie is very simple, so there's not much room for excellence in pie-ery. It's very easy for an apple pie to be very average.

This is a little pie, rather than being a slice of a larger pie. This makes it disproportionately crust. With the ice cream too, there ends up not being that much apple.

I want the apple to be sweet and cinnamony, but it's not. It's just slightly sweet, soft apple, with no strong apple taste.

The water-custard in the bottom of the plate has almost no taste either.

The various extra adornments (the chocolate, strawberry, and dried apple) don't make this a good apple pie.