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This place does pizza, typical mains, and tapas. Having two tapas dishes gives a better indication of the quality of the restaurant than one dish would.

Pork and prawn

The prawn is battered in something, and has been seared to a crisp, without being burnt. It has a very solid prawn texture, and a nice crunch.

I didn't realise this was going to be pork belly—I usually don't like eating very fatty pork belly. However, there's not a huge amount of fat here. The meat is nicely cooked, but not overcooked. There's a bit of salt, and a hint of spice.

I mistake the green stuff for a sauce. Turns out it's just pea purée. It has a nice creaminess and a hint of spice, however, which elevates it above the vege-mush I was expecting it to be.

Arancini balls

These contain rice, spinach, and cheese. It's a fairly unassuming taste, but the sauce in the bottom of the plate tastes like olives, and adds a weird and slightly unpleasant tang to the feed.

The rice is slightly crunchy, but this actually adds a bit of texture to these nondescript balls of feed.

Mystery 'zert

Mystery 'zert!

It's my old friend Creme Brûlée!

The toffee crust is probably just a bit thin here. It doesn't impart enough flavour into the custard, except for where it's burnt. :|

The texture of the custard is probably the most solid I've ever had. It's the texture of butter. This would be great, if there was a strong, custardy flavour here, but there isn't. The custard is actually pretty bland.