Lobethal Bierhaus

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After fifteen minutes of heavy city traffic, I escaped the city, for an endless drive through winding, dark, foggy roads that took an hour.

The road was so twisty and undulating that my pedometer app thought I was going for a walk.

The building has a lot of industrial vestiges in it, but some parts are done up nicely. There's a piano playing, and an open fire.

The bar staff are extremely helpful and friendly.

Slow cooked beef cheeks

Braised in red wine with thyme roasted Swiss brown mushrooms, white bean, olive oil purée and broccolini.

The beef isn't anything special. It doesn't have a sauce other than its own gravy. It's just slow cooked beef.

The white bean purée is interesting. It looks like mashed potato, but has a stronger taste, and I think it lemon through it.

The meat has a fair bit of fat in it. When slow-cooked, fat turns to an unpleasant paste.

White chocolate and basil scented panna cotta

With raspberry balsamic toffee syrup, snap basket and basil floss.

The panna cotta itself doesn't have any amazing flavour, and isn't very sweet, but basil and cinnamon are both great panna cotta flavours.

The basil floss is interesting, even though it isn't actually anything at all.

I'm not really sure what to do with the snap basket or the raspberry syrup. I don't want to adulterate the panna cotta, which already has two flavours.

:) :)
Very friendly service